Hello there, I'm Kelly Lane, an illustrator based in Texas. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art Drawing from Texas State University in 2006. I have taught for 10 years in elementary education, from the tiny pre-k kids to the not so tiny 3rd graders. This has afforded me a keen insight into the world of children and the innocent prism in which they view the world. Now I freelance out of my home studio breathing life into imaginary worlds. I live in a cozy hobbit hole under tree and hill in San Antonio, Texas with my wife, two rambunctious boys , my boston terrier Bobo, and a lazy bobtailed cat called Bobkitty.

 I look forward everyday to creating images with feeling, that drive the story so that the written words and the pictures work together to capture the message and mood of the author.

~The most powerful gift we were given was our ability to create and pass down stories.~




San Antonio, Tx 78250


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